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Sangka Park

The proposed farm “Sangka Farm & Park” is agriculture and horticulture-based project to be located in Sherichu, Ngatshang Gewog under Mongar Dzongkhag. The project aims in creating a multiple opportunity to the public of seven different gewogs of Mongar dzongkhag and five other eastern dzongkhags in terms of encouraging farmers to take up farming activities to generate good income return for better living. The farm also focuses on creating job opportunity to the school dropout youths in the community.

The promoter Mrs. Sonam Zangmo intends to take up the proposed project within the area coverage of private land measuring 8.444 acres (Plot No. NGA-2269 and Thram No. 653). The proposed land will be used for dragon fruits farming, betel-leaf plantation and soursop plantation in the initial year and gradually promoter will be indulging in varieties of fruits farming such as avocado, mango, papaya, guava and Banana.

The promoter will spearhead the business in the capacity of a manager and employ eight more people in various capacities. Doing so will create employment opportunity in the community and also enhance the livelihood of the people. The project plans to employ more in the future with its increased production capacity. The promoter is well equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to run the proposed business profitably. She has a very god rapport in the society and she will also be assisted by her family members in the setting up and operation of the farm. She will also train her employees in their specific fields so that they become more competent. This will not only benefit them but also help the farm as a whole.

Our Model

Sangka farm and park model.